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Response to Widening Freeways

Metro and Caltrans are partners in Highway Development per voter approved Ordinances, including Measure R, Measure M and other sales taxes.  The Highway Improvement projects are not all classified as “Freeway Widening” and support equitable priority needs within LA County.  Some of these needs include serving Regional areas with local improvements (street improvements, on-off ramp improvements, signal synchronization, bikeway/pedestrian safety and sidewalk improvements).  Highway funds also supports conversion of existing freeway lanes to Express Lanes or HOV lanes without any widening and the Soundwall Program, benefiting homes/businesses along freeway corridors alleviating traffic noise.  Some other examples include NextGen Bus lanes support, safety improvements, and/or at-grade separation projects to increase traffic throughput while prioritizing vehicular and pedestrian safety.  Our Highway Program in partnership with Local Subregions and Caltrans aims to serve many areas within LA County with an equity focused lens and value to the people.